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Our Story

Authentech Software Services L.L.C is one of the most innovative tech and software services company founded by a group of software technology wizards and service professionals with decades of experience in technology, software, and management. Our head office is in the UAE, we also have a support center in India and are rapidly expanding globally.

Authentech Software Services L.L.C is focussed on creating intuitive and innovative software and solutions making complex task simpler and easy for everyone through our site as well as through our support center .Our highly skilled technology experts and managers are continously innovating to provide the best modules to our clients using the best tools and technologies available, to keep YOU ahead of the competition


Our Vision

Authentech Software Services L.L.C envisions providing our clients with the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to ease and simplify their daily task. We have been able to achieve this through continuous research and hard work by our tech experts and staff as well as by evolving and adapting to changes in the fast paced technology industry.

We pride ourselves on our innovative software solutions and excellent customers support. Thousands of happy clients worldwide are testimony to the goodwill we have built over time and we would Love to add YOU to this growing list.


Our Mission

"Simple & Easy" our mission statement perfectly expresses the ideology and philosophy that the company was built on. We firmly believe in and adhere wholeheartedly to this statement.

We are incessantly working to fulfill this statement by helping You increase your efficiency and simplify your task through our customised technology solutions and software made Simple & Easy for you to use with.